The Law Offices of Stefan Mannheim  


How we do Law


I. Prompt Handling & Flexibility

A good lawyer does not simply tell you as the client what won’t work, but provides expert advice on different options that will both meet your needs and wishes, and carry the minimum legal risks. We then make it a priority to handle all your affairs in a prompt manner.


II. Attorney-Client Relationship

Resolving a legal matter requires that client and lawyer work closely together and that the relationship is one of complete candor and trust. 


III. Honesty

The client knows the facts better than anyone else. Transparent communication between client and lawyer, combined with lawyer´s legal expertise will thus foster a favorable outcome. Through a trustful cooperation with you, we find out the relevant facts of the case and decide together on the optimal way to come to a solution.


IV. Counseling/Avoiding Litigation

In our legal practice, we anticipate potential problems and conflicts and give you counsel on ways to avoid them, if possible. When a dispute arises, our goal is to avoid litigation since most disputes can be settled through negotiations. Our way of practicing law can therefore save you the hassle, emotional toll, and financial costs associated with litigation.


V. Clear-Cut billing rates

As an alternative to invoices that are designed after the complex and complicated official fee schedule for lawyers in Germany (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz), we offer to bill you at hourly rates.